Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ladder Goat xD

Ladder Goat

Try not to laugh
Its a DARE

Trumpet that which is distracting

well i thought it was funny anyway

Scott Pilgrim

The story is set in Toronto where Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), the bass guitarist for the band "Sex Bob-omb", begins dating high schoolerKnives Chau (Ellen Wong) despite the protests of his friends and bandmates. He later meets a mysterious American girl named Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and falls in love with her, losing interest in Knives. While playing in a battle of the bands to win a record contract with the label G-Man Graves, Scott is attacked by Matthew Patel (Satya Bhabha), who introduces himself as the first of Ramona's evil exes. Scott defeats Patel and learns from Ramona that, in order for them to date, he must defeat all seven of her evil exes, who have joined forces to destroy Scott and control Ramona's love life.
After learning that popular actor and skateboarder Lucas Lee (Chris Evans), the second evil ex, is coming to Toronto to film a movie, Scott is forced to break up with Knives, who is devastated and becomes obsessed with winning him back from Ramona. Scott successfully defeats Lee by tricking him into performing a dangerous skateboard stunt. He later encounters the third evil ex, Todd Ingram (Brandon Routh), who is currently dating Scott's ex-girlfriend Envy Adams (Brie Larson). Todd initially overpowers Scott using his psychic veganabilities, but is stripped of his powers by the Vegan Police after Scott swaps a cup of coffee with soy milk for one with half and half that he drinks, allowing Scott to effortlessly defeat him.
Scott begins to grow upset with Ramona over her dating history by the defeat of the fourth evil ex Roxy Richter (Mae Whitman), causing their relationship to falter. During the second round of the battle of the bands, Sex Bob-omb faces off against the fifth and six evil exes, twinKatayanagi brothers Kyle (Keita Saito) and Ken (Shota Saito), earning Scott an extra life upon the twins' defeat. During the battle, Scott sees Ramona together with her seventh and final evil ex, Gideon Graves (Jason Schwartzman), who turns out to be Sex Bob-omb's sponsor G-Man, prompting him to leave Sex Bob-omb as they sign the record deal. Unable to leave Gideon's side due to a microchip implanted in the back of her head for Gideon to control her, Ramona breaks up with Scott.
Scott challenges Gideon to a fight at his newly opened Chaos Theater, where Scott professes his love for Ramona and gains the "Power of Love" sword which he uses to fight Gideon. Knives arrives to battle Ramona over Scott who, while trying to break up the girls' fight, accidentally reveals that he cheated on both of them with each other before he is killed by Gideon. Scott uses his extra life to restart his battle with Gideon, this time resolving his issues with Ramona, Knives, and his friends, which earns him bonus points and the "Power of Self-Respect" sword that allows him to defeat Gideon. Free from Gideon's control, Ramona prepares to leave to start over, but Scott is encouraged by Knives to chase after her as he always wanted, and the two begin their relationship anew.

What did the other Scott Pilgrim Fans think of this movie?
I personally Loved it <3

Bought This Today

What do you guys think?
I think its awesome haha, 
Should take about 2 weeks to get here :c

Castle Crashers Sesh?

Whos up for it ?
I've been playing for 3 days straight,
Ive nearly got every acheievement except the ones for "40 Ranked Arena Matches"
Anyone want to help :)
Add me on XBL
Im also on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 2 alot
Hit me up

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a side-scrolling, beat em up which incorporates a small number of role-playing game elements. After selecting a character, the player then selects a starting level through a graph-like world map; once the player completes a level, they may then opt to move or revisit that level any time. Other levels include shops where the player can buy items for healing, attacking, or defense using coins gained from defeated foes, and arena levels where the player can take on challenges to unlock additional characters. During cooperative gameplay arenas turn into a player vs player match. At the end of each section players battle a boss character to free a princess. If two or more players exist they must battle each other after defeating the boss to compete for the princess's kiss.
In each level, the player can use a number of melee attacks and combination attacks. Each character also has a unique magical ability in order to defeat foes. The player has a health meter that, if drained from enemy attacks, will cause the character to fall in battle. If the player is playing alone, this ends the level and the player will have to start it over. However in cooperative multiplayer any of the other players may attempt to revive the downed character. The player's magic level is also tracked by a meter and regenerates over time. Numerous weapons can be found in the game, each that have various effects to the character's attributes when equipped. There are also animal companions that can be found that may help out in battle, improve the character's attributes, or provide another special ability such as gaining more treasure from defeated foes.

After a player damages an enemy, they gain experience points, eventually gaining the player a new level. Each level gained allows the player to allocate points towards four basic attributes to improve that character in combat. Certain level advances also grant new combination attacks. Progress in experience and game completion is tracked for each of the playable characters separately. New playable characters can be earned by completing the game with a new character, or through downloadable characters from xbox live marketplace such as the titular character from Alien hominid 
After a player completes the main game, they then unlock a much harder difficulty setting known as Insane Mode which pits the player against far tougher opponents who deal far more damage. The game supports up to four player co-op, either locally or through Xbox Live The game progression in terms of what levels are unlocked is defined by the hosting player; however, each player can continue to gain levels and acquire wealth, weapons, and animal orbs as they progress with the rest of the party.
Each version of the game features two minigames In Arena players attempt to survive through several waves of enemies. The Xbox 360 version features All You Can Quaff, a button-mashing contest between all players to attempt to eat as much food as possible. The PlayStation 3 version features a game of Volleyball playable with up to 4 players and 4 AI characters.